A tour of the world on a push scooter.

Solo & unsupported, on a continuous itinerary.

An epic humanist odyssey.

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An autonomous itinerancy, in a quest for the good life.

A vagrant & earthly activism.


Schools, charities, institutions, publics… throughout my itinerary, I can meet you in order to share my adventure and my experience.

You think you are situated somewhere on my route, and would like to organise something? A moment of exchange, an exhibition?

Contact me.

Quote of the moment

There is a form of happiness that only a life placed under the sign of good can reach, but the misfortunes of existence can very well put that happiness out of reach even for the best amongst human beings.

Philippa Foot "Natural goodness", 2001

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LA TROTTINEUSE ⌇A woman, a push scooter & the world.
A quest for the good life, a human powered wild exploration.